Visio Divina

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Visio Divina (Sacred or Divine Seeing) is the practice of praying with the "eyes of the heart". It is the slow, thoughtful contemplation of a picture, photo, work of art, or really anything visual, that invites God to speak to us in a deeper way.  

I'll be sharing a new image each week or so that can be used for a  visio divina practice.  

Click on the image to the left to enter the gallery.  The image is dispayed with a brief audio guide to begin the practice, followed by a single image with instumental music to accompany your contemplation.  You may turn off the audio if you find it distracting.

If you would like to join an email list to be updated when a new image is posted, please use the contact link above to send me your email address.  Please share this page with anyone you think might enjoy this simple but fruitfut practice.

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