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I come from a long line of storytellers. Great-Grandad, Grandpa, Mom and Dad, all could weave a wonderful story or retell one they had heard someone else share. My mom still does.

I wanted to be a good storyteller too, but I missed out on the storytelling gene. I couldn’t tell a story to save my soul. I forgot the characters’ names. I mixed up the story line or completely forgot the most important bits. 

Then I discovered I could tell a story with a photograph.  No words needed.  After all, the word photography literally means “to write with light”. Making photographs has become my way to bear witness to the divine in all creation. With camera in hand, I seek the dance of light as it wraps around each subject and slowly reveals the story waiting to be told.

My stories are often simple and uncomplicated. I most often like to photograph nature: the change of seasons, the details we so often miss, the relationships between one thing and another. Sometimes I capture the long narrative of a grand landscape. Sometimes I encounter everyday, and often overlooked objects with stories waiting to be told.  I enjoy  photographing people candidly, in a casual portrait sessions, or at family events,  working together to tell the story that is uniquely theirs. 

I look with my eyes, but I seek to see with my heart. The stories I write are with light. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you find something that speaks to you here.


  • That's me in the red with my first camera.

    That's me in the red with my first camera.

  • Quite possibly the first photo I ever made.

    Quite possibly the first photo I ever made.

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